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Property Styling

Has your home been on the market for over six weeks?

Is your home failing to attract potential buyers?

Are you unable to achieve the full asking price?

You cannot afford to assume that a potential buyer will see beyond its current decorative state.  Styling your home for presentation can result in a fabulous first impression, giving potential buyers the vision to see your home as their own.  However, get it wrong, and you could find yourself answering ‘yes’ to the above questions for many weeks, if not months!

Here at Gaming HK, we aim to provide you with the highest design standards, by maximising impact within your budget constraints. We can objectively view your property and give you impartial advice on how to attract the right buyer for a prompt, successful sale. We can identify potential 'sale blockers' and recommend changes tailored to your budget. These can include:

  • Advice on decorative schemes and finishes
  • Decluttering of living spaces
  • Planning and rearrangement of furniture
  • Sourcing and purchasing of materials
  • Interior and exterior presentation

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